Snow Plowing Voucher

Sample Voucher

AccuConstruct Services snow plowing voucher is for snow plowing services at the holders’ residence. This voucher entitles the holder to snowplowing services totaling the amount stated on the voucher.

The holder must contact AccuConstruct Services to receive a quote for the snow plowing services at their residence this would dictate the amount it would cost to plow the drive way.

Quotes for residential services are given in inch block increments; example for 3-6”, 7-12” and 12-14”. Once the quote has been given a one-time plowing contract would be issued and signed by the holder, a sample copy of this contract is attached.

In the event that a storm value does not total the given voucher amount a credit would be issued and the holder would be entitled to further services until the voucher amount is reached. Each additional service would receive the same “One-Time Contract”

This is for the Farmington Valley service area only.

If you have any questions or comments please contact AccuConstruct Services for further discussion.

Thank you for your business.

How do I get a snow plowing voucher? One way is to refer someone to us and when they sign a one year service contract you will recieve a voucher for 25 dollars in snow plowing services.

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