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AccuConstruct Services is a business involved in the building construction industry offering clients a wide range of building services, including: General Contracting, Property Maintenance, Project Management, and Consulting Services.

DIY Tips

Silence a squeaky floor board. After locating the offending floor board press down on it and drill a 1/16 inch pilot hole into the board at an angle until you reach the sub floor (a little over 3/4" on most floors). To avoid splitting the wood make sure you are at least 3 inches form either end and in the center of the board. Next drive a 6d finish nail and set with the appropriate nail set. Fill the divot with color matched wood putty.

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Snow Plowing Service

Fully insured for residential and comercial properties, call today for a free estimate. Free Plowing Voucher.


With over 16 years in the construction industry we have the experince to get the job done, no matter what the size.

Free Estimates

All first consultations and general estiamtes are free, so call us today and see what we can build for you.